Friday, September 5, 2014

30 Day Squat/Crunches Challenge: We're On A Roll!

Annnnnnddd we're on a roll! I'm super stoked to get this particular challenge started hence the crunches!!! Woo Woo! Well, I'm actually kinda nervous on this. I'm not too good with crunches, at all. Most likely because I never do them. LOL. Tis' time for change a little bit at a time! I will be starting tomorrow (or today since its past 12am) on August 6th! This particular challenge get's much higher in squats than the last one. So as I said I'm super excited. 
If you want to join my on my next 30 day's JUST DO IT. And If you are thinking of starting the Last Challenge<===Go there to see if that's more suiting for now. In the mean time lets get this show on da road.
I will being doing this challenge along with Erin Motz 30 Day Yoga Challenge I'm already one day 6 but it is never too later for you to start that too!
I like to hear other peoples weight loss/fitness journeys so tell me! Share me your blog or vlog or anything. 
We got this bruhhh.

This is the workout Sheet!

Much Love,
Sara Litardo

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