Monday, August 4, 2014

31 Day Squat Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: August 3, 2014
-Waist: 46"
-Hips: 52"
-Chest: 46"
-Thighs: 28"
Weight: 219

Workout: Morning walk 10-15mins
               10 min. lower abs
               30 squats No weights

Woo wee have I been slacking, but ya know what? I'm so excited to get back on track and do a something a little different. I will still be adding my 10 minuets of yoga just to help that tummy progress along with my ass and leg progress. I never really got into squats, I don't know why. All that matters is I'm ready now to make my legs and jungle butt much more like Beast legs and Booty galore haha. So, what I am doing is first thing in the morning have my water then out the door I go with Stella just for a small walk around the block. I do plan on increasing the distance. After the walk I have a lovely breakfast. I have been bad at skipping breakfast and honestly forget about it. I know it's a big part of getting healthier, plus its my favorite meal of the day I should never skip it! About 2 1/2 hours after eating I start my 10 minuet lower ab workout then did my 30 squats. By increasing my food and exercise intake my body will be much happier and much healthier. 
The photo's of my progress will be posted on day 31. I'm taking pictures of day 1, 15, and 31. For day's 1, 10,20, and 31, I will post my measurements/weight. Super excited to see those inches go down and that butt go up! haha.
I will be posting entries everyday just to tell you what's going and and all that fun stuff.
You can also join me if you'd like in the Squat Challenge, thanks to two of my friends I finally am doing it!

Much Love,
Sara Litardo
aka Miz.Giggles

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