Saturday, September 6, 2014

30 Day Squat/Crunches Challenge: Day 1- The beginning

Day 1: 9 Min. Yoga
           50 Squats
           20 Crunches

 Day 1 Measurements/Weight:
-Waist: 40"
-Hips: 51 1/2" 
-Chest: 45 1/2" 

-Thighs: 27 1/2"

Weight: 216lbs

Today was pretty good. I changed up my squat formation, like in the picture below, this will attack my Inner thighs. Click the picture and check out her blog she explains the key points to this squat! Boy oh boy did I feel it!
I've definitely got a long way to go with my crunches. It's going to be super exciting to see how far I get with them on the end of the 30 day's. Right now I'm taking it kinda slow, and not lifting all the way up, because I can't yet lol.
How is your challenge going so far?

Much Love,
Sara Litardo

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