Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More Tools for Transformation: Chapter Four

In this chapter we begin to build more tools on top of what we already have learned. Also, we will use the power of symbols and the elements of nature.
First, lets talks about songs. They combine the power of words with the power of breathing. This has been used for thousands of years, to promote physical and emotional well-being and to shift energy into a state of empowerment. 

 As children, we may have been told we couldn't sing and hence lowers the confidence and the power of singing is lost so quickly.When we stop allowing music to flow through us in song, our energy collapses. Sandra goes on and tells a personal story on how singing shifted her emotions from fear to love and calmness. She was watering her plants one morning and living in New Mexico, fire season was approaching. Once she smelled the smoke all her old fears were coming back and she didn't think she could control them. She also didn't want to be sending negative energy towards her plants, so she started singing. She continued until her body loosened up and her energy shifted. 

 Have you ever noticed when we get sad, angry, or even happy, we turn up the music? We find something the relates to our current moods. We also.need to be a bit careful about this. Trust me, I know its hard. But if we teach our selves to listen to a different happy soothing genre for an angry mood, we'll send out better energy for ourselves. Also, maybe create a song for yourself. It doesn't matter if it rhymes or not just do it. Write it down if you really dig it, and start singing it to yourself. 
Another way to learning is simply observing. Sandra like to call this "The Obsever" she puts it as Th Observer saying something like "Oh, your feeling anxious right now. That's okay. Just experience that." When we resist in having not so good thoughts we tend to make it worst, making the problem grow even bigger than it was before. The Observer per say, is your subconscious helping you control your reactions. Observe, feel, and let go, We need to experience our emotions and then transform your emotional energy to something positive.

 Another thing we need to remember, nature heals us. As indigenous people put it, the earth has a heartbeat and we are one with the heartbeat of the earth. If you are feeling not so good, your happiness is gone and maybe you are just gloomy and cant get rid of that cloud over your head. Go outside and lay on the grass for 30 minuets each day. Just do it.

Water forms us, air cleanses us, earth supports us, and fire transforms us.

If you have read this chapter tell me your thoughts? I felt it definitely made me sit back and go Ah!
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  1. BREATH !!~~
    This has been used for thousands of years, to promote physical and emotional well-being and to shift energy into a state of empowerment. !!~

  2. Love This!! The Power of Song HEALS!! Yes!! Thank you!!!