Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Move

As all of you know,or not, I'm making a big change and moving to Enosburg Falls, Vermont. Vermont has been my dream place to move for many years now, and now that it is in full swing its amazing. I figured while I have my last week in Florida might as well get this blog started up again on this wonderful adventure.  

 Let's start with how this even came about! One day whilst out in the world I come home to mom talking on the phone. It felt like any good ordinary day, I had no clue it would get so exciting. She was talking to her very good friend and in they're conversation I was brought up on how I want to live there, and in that moment my mom comes up to me , "You wanna move to Vermont?" I said yes of course, tell me when, where and how! Sign me up! I didn't think at first that it was at all true. Talking to her friend and her telling me all the ways it can work out and she would help us on our way to settle in Vermont. She knew how serious I was and I knew that she wasn't playing around either. That night when Arsenio got home from work I told him and that was it he was fully on board! Before we knew it he quit his not so awesome job and we all set goals to get us there.

 A few weeks pass and he went first off to Vermont. I did research on where we were moving and boy were moving to a sweet little town up near the mountains. Who would a thought! Now that Stella and I have missed Arsenio its time for us to go! I'm starting my packing and then arranging the things we are leaving here for now. 
 I am going to miss my mom and Nana oh so much! But I am sure excited for them visiting for Christmas in our new home with all that snow!

So, that's it for now and my little back story on how it got started. Next Tuesday Stella and I will be flying out in the morning and landing in Vermont late noon. I'm so grateful for the life I have had here in Florida and all the crazy things that have happened. I will miss this state and it's hidden beauty and my amazing friends! Thank you all, until the next post 

Much Love,
Sara Litardo


  1. I am So Excited About This Big Journey in your Life!! Its a Big change for me too, However, its a Good one, We Need to FLY and Have new Adventures!!

  2. I am soo excited for you but I will be selfish for a moment and I will miss you and Stella >> she comes in my room and scares me sometimes because I don't hear her and she will come and ask for a Bandage for her bobo !!~ and you Sara you scare me sometimes also :) I will miss your cute face :) and Stella singin and dancing :( Love Nana