Sunday, February 28, 2016

Packing Away

I'm getting to the end of packing everything up and I'm doing it slowly lol. Two big suitcases ready to go and only a few bins I'm leaving behind to send up later.
It's crazy too see almost all on my things in boxes.

No lie, the reality of this happening is scary. Not in a bad way more of I'm a momma's girl lol.
 After Tuesday comes I'll have to wait til at least mid summer for mom to drive up with Addisson (my dog) and the cat.
 I'm sad that I gotta keep addisson down here but it's so worth it when she'll be coming to a new home!

A short post but I will keep you all updated as the days go by! 
Much love,
Sara Litardo


  1. I am going to miss you guy's :( but have a great adventure !~~ hahoo ♥♥☺☺