Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Day in Florida

I've been doing last minuet packing, last minuet cleaning, and just last minuet things.
 I gotta wake up at some un godly hour so I hope to be to bed by 8-9ish. 
Too bad i can't pull all nighters like I use too but it will pass lol. 
It's a beautiful day here a lovely 70 degree's. My flight leaves at 6am then i land in New York around 8am staying for about 4 hours then leaving to land in Burlington at 2pm.
 I honestly can't wait for the flights to end already and I can be in 
Vermont fast lol. I'll be taking lots of photo's and mini videos of the whole process on Snapchat every other social media platform. 
I WILL be getting an actual camera soon so I can have legit photography of my journey. 

Also last night was our family's last little go away dinner at the Tarpon Tavern. We had lots of fun, enjoys amazing different foods and tried out the yummy beer Stella Artois for the first time. Cna't wait til I take them out to Vermont for a lovely evening!

Again thank you all for joining me and reading my post about this transformation! 
SO many things to look forward too!
 Love you all!

Much Love,
Sara Litardo

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