Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Flights

My oh my. Long morning short, we were late for our 6am flight. IN whilst of my "worrying" about a four hour lay over I got something else for us lol.
 Hence I didn't arrive in a timely manner i had to catch the next flights to Vermont.
 I caught the 11 am flight to JFK and arrived at 1:45. Leaving me to miss the original 1 pm flight to Vermont I had to wait til the next one at 10:45 pm. Boy was it an adventure!
 We had some breakfast and enjoyed the sunrise in Tampa.

Stella did great! The longest wait of over 8 hours in JFK.
We walked around everywhere enjoyed lunch and had some yummy snacks. Even with both of us exhausted it wasn't a terrible experience.
 Stella enjoyed herself see all the people playing on the I pads that the have hanging about.
Once our flight got closer to landing the more exciting it got. As people were arriving to go on the same plane it was awesome. Stella passed out a little before we got on.

Getting on the flight was like whoa, like ahh it's happening and I'm almost to our new home. The flight itself though, woo wee did we have some turbulence.
Stella was asleep during the whole thing, but I wasn't and I was a sissy lol.
 I was the last person off the plane trying to get Stella up. Such a cute small airport for sure.

The drive home was a little intense. Even it it being night time and raining ice it was beautiful. I can't wait til I see it all during the day for sure. Once we got home we laid Stella to bed Arsenio, Herve and I had a bunch of fun talking. Noticing I stayed up for over 24 hours it was definitely time for me to go to bed.

Waking up the next morning we had a lovely breakfast and I had real Vermont Maple Syrup for the first time and my oh my it is delicious! We had a bit of a lazy day because after eating exhaustion hit me again and i took a nice long nap. Today is a new day and I feel much better and have more energy.

That's all for now! Cheers to being here!

Much Love,
Sara Litardo


  1. What a trip but full of excitement ♥♥ glad you arrived nice and safe Love Nana

  2. So Exciting!! I am so glad you handled that LONG day so well and Im so Happy You made it to Your Dream State!! What An Awesome Life adventure!!!