Sunday, May 31, 2015

Transmute the Energy: Chapter Three

I'm gonna start off right from the book! Again I couldn't of said it better. Heres a summary of what we have learned to what we are going to do next.
The real work begins once you stop reacting. The first step is honoring your thoughts snd emotions, realizing that you are entitled to your feelings. The second step is acknowledging that you want to shift your energy. The third step is learning how to actually change the energy emanating from you into a vibration of love and light.

 In this chapter we learn for use our breath to transmute. Many of us taking breathing for granted. We literally can breath ourselves outta of a stressful situation, to really calm us and bring us back to center. Breathing can stop your thoughts from sending out negative energy. Once you are more in touch with your body, you can access a state of deep inner knowing and move out of a reacttionary state. 

 Sandra then gives you multiple ways to practice on your breathing, a calming exercise, breathing to create a state of balance, and breathing through your heart.
Then we get into the good stuff, working with the energy behind our words. Again, we can sometimes never think twice about the energy thrown out with our words. The energy in our words affect everything. Especially our relationships with others. Sandra says I see words as seeds. Every time we plant a seed word, it will grow. Are you planning to plant seeds of love. Hate, or fear? This goes as far as forever ago with all types of ancient cultures. The Navajo people have a saying: "May you walk in beauty." One lady explains on how its essentially means, don't say anything to another person unless it will create beauty in their life. 

 Another example is Hebrew and Sanskrit, they are what we call "vibrational languages." In Sanskrit it is believed that when you say a word, the vibration from that word goes up into the universe and comes back down as a physical manifestation. So, the words are creative, and in other words can be destructive. In ancient Egypt action and words were the same thing. Words had so much power that often a metaphor was used in the place of the word. Many stories of various cultures teach that the world was created by sound or word. You know that word Abracadabra? It's not gibberish. Its a word of power. It literally means from Aramaic " I Will Create as I Speak." 

 Use your words and your breath manifest good into your world and out, You want to create positive energy in your home, your surroundings, the people you are close too. etc. Place stick it notes around your home, car, or work place to keep you inspired, motivated and happy.

Hope you all enjoyed Chapter 3 of How to Heal Toxic Thoughts.
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