Monday, May 25, 2015

Stop the Reaction: Chapter Two

Do you have a garden of your own? Either a veggie or flower garden, you tend it with care. We are always looking for ways to feed and nutrue and find little knicks and tricks to weed out the things that don't support your gardens health and growth. Now think, you are a garden!
In this chapter we learn how to stop out reactions and transmute your energy behind your negative thoughts. The reward we find is immer peace. So to do this we must break our cycle of habits. Bevause our habits are so deeply ingrained, it may seem a bit tough. We have to remember though, we are ultimately responsible for how we act and react. So open that mind of yours!

 Sandra gives out a nice little practice to connect with your inner peace and light.
When we find ourselves facing conflict-with another person, or circumstances, or within ourselves-we don't always respond to just what is happening im the moment. Consciously or unconsciously, our mind often attaches some past experience that triggers a fear or survival reaction, such as the well-known "fight or flight" not related to the situation at hand.

 I had to word that from here book, I could have not said it more better. We have to learn how to rely on our innder intuition, beyond memories and past experiences. She then gives us another exercise to read out loud to ourselves, pretty much truthe and lies. Teaching us to feel the difference in they way we speak. The little feeling we get when we tell the truth and when we tell a lie, so we can differentiate the feelings. Part of our growing process we have to learn how to avoid reacting automatically. You have to have our experiences and work throught our feelings and not just start reacting to everything that may create a challenge for us.

 Lets take a little challenge, look at yourself in the mirror. For some this may be a little difficult. But observe yourself. You may even start laughing, thats good! Humor is a great thung to bring into your life, then which brings joy, and then overall healing. Another thing start sending out love to yourself. Then throughout your day send love to your plants whule you go outside, start sending love to your food while you prep for a meal. Do this, and you'll really start to open up more and more each time to yourself.

This chapter really spoke to me. It is a great thing to start to believe in yourself. To learn the feelings and quirks of your intuition and really understanding yourself. 

Do you have the book? If not Go here.
If so, how are you liking the read so far? I am going at a good pace making sure I read it thoroughly. 

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  1. How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation
    Love the Book thank you for sharing this !!~~

    1. How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation
      Love the Book thank you for sharing this !!~~

  2. WOWZERS!! Thank you So Much Sara, This is A Great Post!!