Monday, May 25, 2015

The Alchemy of the Soul: Chapter One

 I've been going on an awesome reading rampage. Then I thought to self, "Self, I should write post about the book I'm reading." Here we are! I figured, I don't really read much self development books, simply because I never get the urge too. Now that I've finally got to a cute little book I found in my nana's room called How To Heal Toxic Thoughts by Sandra Ingerman. This is a book about simple tools for self transformation. This just a smidge over 100 pages fills you up with so much information. 

 Since this first chapter talks about the Alchemy of the Soul, lets talk about what Alchemy is. The word Alchemy from Aramaic,
Means working within and through the dense darkness inside. To transform the energy you project in the world in to love and light that can heal yourself and others. Now, do you really think about what you think? Do or have you automatically switched to a mode which sends out negative thoughts to someone or something without really taking into consideration the damage you are doing to yourself and others? I have. Our thoughts are so powerful and we must learn to transform our energy and clean up the psychic environment. As Sandra says this is what brings magik into our lives, this is what makes us beautiful.

 Being a human being, we all have egos to make us feel separate from others. The experience from feeling separate creates emotions. We can be very judgmental others and ourselves and touch the deep nerves of self-worth and survival. Having emotions is good, we need to express our emotions as a way to let off steam. We need to learn new habits for how we react to those around us. Its like exercising a muscle you haven't used in a long time. As you build the movements become natural. We can feel like we have to defend ourselves at all times, and for this we pay a heavy price.
Sandra gives many beautiful practices to say to yourself and give yourself a breather. 

 If you would like to join me in the adventure I recommend reading this book along. This was just a brief introduction and what to expect in this book and my mini journey to learn how to focus, breath, And accept.
I will write a summary for each chapter with you guys. 

If you do not have the book and seem quite interested in it Go Here.

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  1. Great Post! Im going to Read it Next!! Thank you Sara!

  2. i am glad you like it !!~~
    Good stuff!~
    and I have more !!~ Nana