Thursday, February 19, 2015

That Home Feeling

Waking up bright and early I go for my walk. Holy cow it is insanely beautiful outside.
Today I feel like talking about beauty where you are currently at.

That one cloud. 

Long story short, moving to Florida was not as exciting as you may think. I have been living here since late 2003. It took a long time to call Florida my home. I think I was 16 when I was coming home from a trip in New York to have the feeling of Back-Homeness. 
I already knew where we were living was a beautiful town but that year I had that warmth of being home. I saw everything differently. I don't know what made it happen but it did. Maybe I got over the fact I wasn't moving back to where I came from anytime soon so I finally gave in to around my surroundings. 
Some advice, don't ignore your surroundings. Every time you go for a visit, or go to move give in to that feeling and make that little part feel like home.
Today was a day like that. Sun just rising and wind blowing like crazy, even though living in a way too busy shit of a town it is beautiful in it's own way.

Here's a picture from James Katsipis to give some inspiration.
I mean wtf right.
Insanely beautiful.
Go check him out!
James Katsipis

Overall feel and see where ever you are as home!
Tell me what do you find to stunning, right now, look around you, walk outside what ever it may be, describe it and the feeling to me.

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