Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Top 5: YouTube Gamers

You wouldn't believe it, or you would, but what I like to do all the time is watch YouTube.
I particularly like to watch people play video games. 
Not only do I love to watch the games they play but I love the people!
Some may be loud, obnoxious and not your type. 
But I love em'! Non of these are in particular order and I'm not meaning to leave anyone out.


I was recently introduced to Markiplier, oh I don't know, 6 months ago. 
I, like I do the majority, took a while to sit down and watch his videos. I watched one and went, "Eh, he's cool." Little did I know I would continue to watch his video's and become a fan. My favorites are his Animated Series. It's when someone takes funny highlights from his videos and makes an animation. Overall he's pretty amazing and down right fun.


This dude right here. I can't even handle. Now you may love or hate him.
 IDGAF he's da bomb. He's a Nucking Fut and I love it. He may be a little to vulgar for some folks, or it may not even bother you. But one thing for sure he is dedicated!

TheRadBrad was the start of it all for me! He does straight commentary on current video games.
I started watching him back in 2011 and haven't stopped. He's funny and not the best at playing games. Not it a bad way but he doesn't over do it! My boyfriend and I will put YouTube on the tv and watch TheRadBrad and enjoy the crap outta it.


This mo'fo tis' funny as heck. Now this dude is rising up in the YouTube world currently at 60,000 subscribers and growing. I started watching him a while back. Accidentally finding someone post his link in a comment on Facebook and I just happen to click it. So happy I did. What really caught my attention with him is one, other than being silly as hell, but he doesn't curse... Weird right, for me at least because I love me someone who curses like a sailor. He has no reason too and it doesn't make his content better it makes it unique and I like that shit.

I've been following Dan and Phil for quite some time now! 
Then they created a gaming channel. Oh boy are they fun. 
I'm currently enjoying their Sims 4 series. If you don't know who they are and too watch a lot of YouTube. I suggest you look them up. 

No this guys comes along with many others! Mini does a lot of prop hunt games and I find them to be hilarious. For sure check him out!

Now that I gave you my top 6 actually, do you even watch gamers on YouTube? Are you a up and coming YouTuber too?! If so tell me!
Like I said before non of these are in order and I'm definitely leaving some people out.
I give much thanks to all of you guys taking all that time to edit and record just to entertain us. I know that doing what you do is not easy but you do it because you love it and I appreciate that! 

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  1. OMG!! Love Me Some +The Rad Brad, Even THO his Mic is ALWAYS way to Fuckin LOUD. Too Bad this wasnt a Top 10 Cause We KNOW +JamJar would have Made the list! (frankly, I can't BELIEVE he didnt make The TOP 5... But Heck, THIS is YOUR LIST!) And We MUST leave +Frankieonpc1080p Out Cause even tho he has Mad Skills and is Entertaining as FUCK, He Just does't give One Fuck about his 'hobby'. And Let us not Forget +MrBlackout.. Hes just The Ultimate Gentleman. Great Post +Sara. Ill Check out the Other Dudes on here! #GamerReview

  2. I must admit I have not watched anyone play a game on youtube before now. You have definitely got me interested, and I will be watching more soon!