Friday, February 20, 2015

Random Stella Adventures: Do Stuff

Being another beautiful day outside, it was a pretty lazy one. We started off, Stella and I, with our regular morning routine.
Are you too maybe have a house filled with people working on the computer including yourself? I find that I may have Stella on the phone for a bit longer than I want to and just a lot going on in general. 
Here's some steps to step away from technology for a bit.

Turn Off All Electronics
Shut them off!

Stella was over due for nap time but she still wanted to play on the phone or computer. I shut it all off. We went in the room and laid down. She wasn't too thrilled but then she started handing me her books too read to her. She calmed down and took the books from me and started reading to me. Even if she didn't get her nap today she was calm. After about half hour or so we went back out to the living room. I turned on some classical music and starting reading while she played with her toys. I thought to my self, I gotta do this more often.

Pinterest/Creativity Time
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Look up some fun things to do with your little one. How to make's are a lot of fun to look up on Pinterest. Think of things you use to do as a kid like macaroni glued on paper. Remember it doesn't have to look perfect your having fun.

Go For a Walk
Just get out the house already.
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I go on a walk every morning! It's not enough. I am a homebody for sure. No car and not so easy public transportation. I gotta start taking more of those extra walks with Stella. Even if your just going around the neighborhood or the block, do it. Lately we've been trying to get out to the park at least once a week. Not only is it fun for your little ones but it's great for you too. And if you have a car go somewhere you don't ever go to whether it be 5 miles or 20 just go.

Start a Garden
You should do this asap.
Pretty cool page.
Stella and I have been doing a little bit of gardening in the front yard. She helps me plant the seeds and water. Why not do this your self? Even if you just buy some herbs for your local health food store to plant outside. It's more time outside and teach your child how to grown their own food even at a very young age.

Whatcha think of my list?
Do you already do activities either with yourself of with your family? I can always use more tips on what I can do with my spare time with Stella.
Comment below.

Check out this cute video of Stella doin' a lil' singin' and dancin'.

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  1. OoO Great Tips To Get them Kiddies Unplugged and Tuned in!!

    1. Thank you! It's important to do this even when it's such a technological time we, or I, sometimes forget that we use to go out and play and read books.