Sunday, October 19, 2014

TFGBC: Day 5- Helpful Tips To Calm Your Toddler For Bed

*Disclaimer! I'm not an expert! All our Children are unique! These are things that help Stella and I for when she is feeling a bit groggy or having growing pains. I hope some of these tips help you! Tell me in the comments below your tips!*

When your little one is just in a so-tired-but-can't-sleep-mood these are some Helpful Tips on what I do to help Stella get a better sleep.
Lavender is Love!
I absolutely love lavender anything!
Lavender Wen hair products,
and Lavender Epson Salt.

Bath Time!
Usually about an hour or so before I set her down for bed I get  her bath ready.
Fill up that tub put that Epson Salt in there and throw them in the tub.
Turn on that YouTube and play some calming meditation while you give them a bath.
My favorite bath time song is HERE.
After she plays around for a bit I put the Conditioner in her hair and give her a head massage. 
This loosens up her sinus's. Plus if you're using the Lavender Conditioner it give a tiny tingly smell.

After Bath Time!
Get what ever lotion you use. 
I personally made my own lotion so if you want to do the same go HERE
Give your little one a body massage!
Especially if they are going through some growing pains this helps wonders!
It loosens their muscles and relaxes their mind. 

Time For Bed!
After all that soothing, before you set the little one down pour 2 or 3 drops of 
the Essential Oil on the bed.
As they lay in their bed play some bedtime music.
For this I usually play classical music such as Mozart or Beethoven.
This one is my FAVORITE.
Also read to them! Your baby's imagination is running wild and they love to hear your voice and learn the tones.
My personal favorite is Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Suess. 

I hope this helps you as much as is does me!
Tell me what you do!
Thanks for reading!

Much Love,Sara Litardo
aka Miz.Giggles
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  1. These are Awesome!! Thank you Sara!!

  2. Love this. Very soothing for a child. My Youngest is 5 and she is madly in love with my boyfriends deep voice. I have him read her a story and then she is OUT lol but I love Lavender and it soothes me.

  3. Love your comment about not literally throwing them in the bath tub! Haha xx

  4. I love lavender too! Lavender definitely is love... and I don't even have a toddler! Awesome post :)

    1. Lavender is the best. Haha! Thank you :)

  5. Such a cutie!!! Great tips! Thanks for sharing.