Monday, October 20, 2014

TFGBC: Day 6- Vulnerability Eh?

Oh Snap, Alex really got me with this one.
Well with out further a do I guess I'll get right too it!
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"To Share Your weakness, is to make you vulnerable, to make you vulnerable is to show your strength."
I seriously waited a full day just thinking, what should I post?
Something that makes me Vulnerable?
I guess I could go right for the gut and just give the overall fun.
Golly, okay, you know this thing called Confidence?
That is who I want to be.
I've been working on that for quite some time now.
I cherish people who  have, how you say, the balls to get shit done!
For as long as I can remember my confidence got beat down.
Being obese for most of my life has been annoying really.
I now have been doing something about it for sometime and I am proud about how far I've gotten and where I'm going.

But as a kid? Where it mainly starts.
That shit struck me a bit harshly.
In school?
Not too bad overall everyone loved me.
I'm the damn sweetest person you will ever meet,
and if you lost your confidence,
 I'm there to get you back on your feet.
I never really got Bullied in school.
I mean the occasional Fat Jokes.
Don't get me wrong it stung.
 But I kinda got over it.
Where most of the good ol' emotional bullying came from was,
Oddly enough,
My dad and that side of the family.
I won't get into detail's.
And of course not every single person on that side,
But that's where all that low to no confidence level comes from.
I love my family with all my heart and I wouldn't change them for the world.
As I got older we've gotten much closer and continue to grow that.

This is where I need to build up.
I'm surrounded by the most strong and confident people and
it kinda blows my mind on how I don't build off of that.
I am making progress and I'm happy with how things are going.
I do need to make some changes still,
 but I'm not perfect, not just yet,
I try not to look in the past often, and also try not to look too much into the future,
I'm trying to stay with the present and what I need to do each day to build back my confidence.
There are day's when it's completely BLAH but who doesn't have blah day's?

Now Here's to curing my Confidentitisness!
(Yes, I made that word up)
Thank you for who have read this.
Tell me your thoughts.
This is definitely a big step for me and a way outta my comfort zone.

Much Love,Sara Litardo

aka Miz.GigglesP.S.
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  1. You will Find it as it is in you! You can not be separated from Your Source, Finding a way to connect to it is the hard part. Take it from me, for YEARS I self sabotaged because I couldn't bare rejection. When it comes down to it, Rejection is part of the victory! Take a look at this Video I saw recently, For me it was a Wake up call :)

  2. Big FAT virtual hug boo. This resonated with me so so so much.

  3. Way to keep pushing through! I'm sad to read so many people who's confidence was beaten down through growing up, but I am no exception. The fact that you are aware is the first step to achieving what you want, and you WILL!