Thursday, October 23, 2014

Well Guess What!

I may still not be able to function all that right, lol but, I woke up bright and early!
I set my alarm for 5:45am but officially woke up around 6:10am. I didn't do everything that I planned, but I did however, do morning Yoga, organize Stella's drawers, and take an awesome shower! Guess what? Everyone was sleeping all cozy and I was happily up and a boot. This is where alone time becomes vital people, especially parents and always on the run people. I am now discovering that. Took me a bit, but I'm oddly gonna say, I am going to become a morning person.
I mean, I did always see myself as the person who woke up early and went for a morning run, come home take a bath, have tea/coffee and read a book on the porch.. Yupp that's how I see myself. The only way to become that is to actually do it! 
So, here I am listening to Mozart having morning tea, and blogging to you feeling all fresh and clean ready to start the day. Stella happens to still be asleep so I actually have a but of time to make us Eggs in Cloud Click that link I think you'll enjoy that!

Hope You all have a beautiful day!
Tell me, do you plan on changing your daily routine?

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  1. Nice post! Good to see you are happy to be up in the morning. I like the extra quiet time in the morning, too! :)