Saturday, October 25, 2014

I am loving this.

This whole waking up early non-sense is awesome! Waking up before every one is super nice, I mean, I just feel like I'm finally getting some things done.
I still haven't really organized a list of my early wakings but for the moment I'm going with the flow.
So, how this morning went. First thing was my yoga, I want to make sure I get my exercise done first  so I don't have to feel lazy about it later. 

Then After that I went straight to cleaning. Dishes, sweeping, getting laundry started, cleaning all counters, cleaning the living room, bathroom. I mean I went all out. The best part was it went all kinda fast. Usually I'd have to make sure Stella wasn't dancing, or the dogs, around me and it just overall felt easier getting that all done now so I didn't have to later. Something super refreshing about that. 
^This was me, beside the sowing and ironing, but I probably was smiling like that too lol.

Now I'm here having my tea and blogging to you loves.
I appreciate you all!

Tell me your morning routines?! 
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Great post! My mornings are usually planning times for my posts and social media for the day. Its my most "creative" period of the day. All of the mindless things like cleaning and working out, etc. I do during the afternoon and evening periods of the day. And I always try my best to make a daily checklist for the next day right before I go to bed!

    1. Thanks! Sound like you got it down, how awesome! Yeah, I definitely need to start making a list before I go to bed, sounds like a plan. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I usually wake up, write down my dream recall and then try to go straight into a warm up so I can do my stretching and exercise before I have time to get distracted by anything else, otherwise I risk not doing it at all. Then I will have some breakfast while I check my internets and go about whatever I wrote on my schedule/to-do list before bed the previous night :) Also, lots of procrastinating...

    1. Nice! I use to write down my dreams too I haven't done that in years, unless it was like a WHOA dream lol. Procrastinating is a friend of mine too :P