Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oh,and Twas a Lazy Morning

Well, I wouldn't say completely lazy, but when 5:45 came around I was like,NOPE, dismiss that alarm and go back to sleep. I did wake up an hour later so it wasn't too bad. 
Hence, the body was still sleepy I did some relaxation yoga to move my muscles about just enough to get them energized. 
Not much cleaning needed, only straighten up. BUT I did get started on some yard work!
It's that time when the yard needs to be weed whacked. I got started and now just letting the battery charge. 
I honestly do not know what to talk about today... Sooo, Who watches The Walking Dead? 
Yup, that's what I am looking forward too for my day, same with Revenge. 
Well, one thing I know I can talk about is your favorite shows?! 
A long while ago I never use to watch TV, like only LOST and 24 maybe a few other things. 
Then Netflix came into life...
It all started on the computer,when I say it started on the computer, I mean this hole TV show binge started a little over a year ago. but once done with the seasons of my show's I had to watch them on TV.
 I mean some I wait til the next day or whenever I can, to watch it lol,
So I'll Give you my list! of what I'm currently watching when I can.
(1 being the best, that I'm enjoying)
1.The Walking Dead
1.Sons of Anarchy
2.American Horror Story: Freak Show
1.Doctor Who
2.Hell on Wheels
 3.How to Get Away with Murder
(See It's a close one lol)
That's all I can think of for now. Plus, there are other show's that I still have to finish on Netflix.
So Yeah, as you can tell, I like TV show's now. I mean thank goodness for the internet that You can actually watch them when you can and not literally be glued to the screen lol. 

I hope you enjoyed this silly post about the a lot but
 oh-so-fun entertainment I watch lol.
Tell me your favorite show's! 

aka Miz.Giggles
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