Monday, October 27, 2014

Today We Are Dreamscaping: Homes

Little story before I begin splurging my dream houses to you.
A couple weeks back, my mom and I walked to the corner store by our house.
After getting what we needed there we decided to get a scratch off ticket.
 (FYI if ever feel the urge just to randomly get a ticket, go for it.)
As she tells the cashier that she'd like one and continued on a little story on how we were Dreamscaping about what'd we do, where'd we move, the basics pretty much. 
The reply back was, I quote, "Oh, nice. I never dreamscape. I don't want to get my hopes up because I'm poor." Something along those lines. 
I automatically replied, "You can't think like that or you'll be always be poor." 
It may have been harsh, I guess, but it's the truth.
If you always have a poor mindset, you will forever be poor. No doubt about it.
Poor people won't move from their comfort zone because they don't believe in themselves. 
Trust me I know, I too use to think about that. Honestly sometimes the poor mind want's to sneak out sometimes, but never allow it. 

With the being said don't be afraid to DREAM! 
People who say never follow your dreams, because they are only dreams.
 Slap em' in the face. Get rid of them. You don't need that shit ruining your good juju's. 

Okay. moving on before I turn this into a rant post lol.

Oh, I love house hunting online and off. 
My mom and I use to drives for hours looking at houses.
So, when my random urge to house hunting comes I do it,
A while back I've decided where I want to put my foot down and create a home.
Oh my god do I want to live there so hard.
So Numero Uno Vermont!

Single Family Home for sales at Tucker Hill Heights 297 Tucker Hill  Norwich, Vermont 05055 United States 
Click picture for Listing.
Go Big or go home right?
This beauty is located in Norwich, Vermont.
Going for 2.9mil.
6 bedrooms 6 baths 111 acres.
Oh yeah.

Single Family Home for sales at Handcrafted Montana Log Home 344 Cobble Ridge Road  Londonderry, Vermont 05148 United States 
Click picture for Listing.
Located in Londonderry, Vermont.
Going for 2.5mil.
4 bedrooms 4 baths.
84.4 acres.
Just ahhh Love this one a lot!

Numero Dos. Maine sweet Maine.
I'll pick a city one for this too.
Single Family Home for sales at Norumbega Carriage House 8 Marine Avenue  Camden, Maine 04843 United States 
Click picture for Listing.
Located in Camden, Maine.
5 bedrooms 4 baths.
I mean would you just look at that!

Single Family Home for sales at 39 Deering Street   Portland, Maine 04101 United States 
Click picture for Listing.
Located in Portland, Maine.
6 bedrooms 5 baths.
I would definitely have this in a heart beat.

One More state I swear!
Numero tres New York!
Single Family Home for sales at Coveted Oceanfront, Breathtaking Views   Montauk, New York 11954 United States 
Click picture for Listing.
 Oh my Sweet love, Montauk, New York.
5 bedrooms 3 bath
1.5 acres
Right on the beach, literally.
I mean seriously? Yes yes yes.

This one is big! From New York, New York,
All I can say this is 14,000 sqft. Mansion. Going for 44mil.
This is only my top three, I swear I could go on for day's.
Hope you enjoyed! Tell me where you would love to live no hesitation, just pick up and go?
Outta my choices which one was more your style/favorite? 

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  1. I love this post because I do it all the time. I have the Zillow app on my phone and I just look up dream houses all the time in different locations. It's actually fun and can be a reality if you work towards it :) Thanks for sharing!

    Arica, xxo

    1. Thank you! I love the Zillow app, and so very true just gotta keep workin towards it and believe, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Great post!! I love househunting, too! Mostly online so I will have to check Zillow. All the properties are amazing but for me a house on the beach wins every time!

    1. Thanks! Yes I couldn't agree with you more!