Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I...I'm Back on Track and Tea Time!

Yay! I have to say after these long long weeks of not really being able to do any fast paced exercise, I think I can finally get back to my squats! Thankfully the yoga I've been doing  has helped a lot but, if there is something I noticed while not doing any squats, is that my ass and thigh/calf muscles went down. Like Whoa what happen down. Day 1 down, I'm pretty happy right now. If you're new to my blog post a chart of a 30 day squat/crunches challenge.

Honestly every time I went to go back to the squats I felt like my heart and lungs were gonna explode. Freakin' ridiculous if you ask me. I'm still not quite over my, whatever the fuck I have. I have been consuming more tea and water! That helps a lot. I could probably use more veggies and fruits. 
I will be going tea shopping! I thought I had all this tea, but if I'm drinking it. it's going away fast lol. Let me show you my list of Tea's I want to get and try.

Passion Flower Tea.
No freaking lie, I just now at this moment discovered that I can make this right now. We have Passion Flower's every where! Invasive little shit's they are, but now I know what I can make tea with them! Bwahahahaha.
This is great for anxiety or for people who do a lot of over thinking and just straight up too much going on in that brain. Perfect to have before bedtime so you can sleep with relaxed clear thoughts.

Oolong Tea.
This tea is a lovely fat burner! Raises your metabolism after 2 hours of drinking it, and also helps blockfat from building enzymes. I could love this tea very very much.

White Tea
This tea seems to be like an overall bad-ass. Prevents fat cells from forming and also fights against aging.
Ginger Tea
I Love Love ginger tea! Especially with a bit of honey I mean Yummy! This is a perfect anti-inflammatory, so if you have a headache this is the go to tea, gets rid of that pain right away.

Ginseng Tea 
This tea seems to be another overall amazing thing!
Boost Immunity 
Enhances your memory
Fights aging
And Increases you Libido :)

So these teas are just amazing right! I probably can't get all at the moment but definitely some. I've always loved tea and the many benefits each tea has, but I never really was a tea drinker. This is a fun change. 

Tell me what are your thoughts? 
Do you suggest any other tea's that I could of missed?
 What kind of tea do you drink? 


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  1. I LOVE TEA ♥♥♥
    Great collection you wrote about. Now you have me craving some ginger tea!
    Might have to drink some while catching up on all the blogs! Thanks for stopping by mine!


    1. It's the best! Haha! Your very welcome thank you!

  2. As Long as you stay out of My Tea Supply, We will remain good friends :)