Friday, October 17, 2014

The Feel Good Blogging Challenge: Day 4- 10 Things That You Didn't Know About Me

Okay lets jump to it! 10 random things that you probably didn't know about me. 

1. Deep down inside I want to be a Ghost Hunter. That's right I'm totally interested in the paranormal. I like all sorts of activity, even ufo's, whether it be good or bad I've always wanted to investigate something and get my own evidence. At the same time I'm a little sissy about it! 

2. Oh boy do I love me some History! 
History of ALL religion. I especially love Egyptology. 
I also like history tragedies hence, the Black Plague and the Holocaust.   

3. No lie, I legitimately believed for most of my childhood 
that my mother was a Werewolf . 
That's right, a full blown turns into a scary dog
 and eats rabbits to survive type of Werewolf.

4. The gorier the better. I can handle all sorts of horror in movies. 

5. I also wanted to be a spy.
 All that action and being able to do ninja like things, hell yeah.
 High tech gadgets? I'm in!

6.I'm a big animal lover! In high school I was in the Vet-Tech Program.

7. I met my boyfriend, Arsenio, through myspace. :)

8. So with my dad way back when,
when I was just a little chillin',
 we were on the Subway's in New York,
I would ask random strangers if they missed their mommy.
Yupp, I was on vacation with my dad and I was missing my mom
 I guess I wanted to know if  I wasn't the only one lol.

9. I'm a Twilight fan. Exactly I love Twilight!
I'm more in love with the books than the movies,
 but I still like them.
I'm not the crazy Twihard fan though,
so don't get me confused with that lol.
I think Stephanie Meyer is an awesome author and
 I look forward to reading more of her books.

10. I stole Stella's name from my mom
She originally wanted to name her next daughter Stella (I did too),
but she had it set long before I did.
Plus I still have yet to see that movie....

Thanks for reading! Have anything in common? Tell me below!

Much Love,
Sara Litardo

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  1. Loving your blog! I'm a fan of vampires and werewolves too. I looooovvedddd the twilight series. I love true blood!' Any scary movie I'm in!!! It was funny reading about your mom being a were wolf lol

    1. Thank you! Haha True Blood is awesome too!