Friday, September 19, 2014

30 Day Squat/Crunches Challenge: Day 10- Dubstep

Day 10:

Workout- 12 Min. Yoga
                105 Squats
                65 Crunches

Now, usually I do measurements on day 10 but since I missed a some day's I'm going to do my measurements on day 20. The squats have been going great, I'm starting to really feel it around 40 squats and the rest is just harder from there ha-ha. But I do them! Crunches are going great too!
I'm liking this challenge a lot. Adding only 5 more each everyday is quite powerful to me. 

Just remember folks, we all start somewhere. So never be ashamed of what you look like or how you feel. If you really wanna change you'll ignore all the BS and start your journey already! It ain't gonna happen it self.
Random: I find it fun listening to dub-step particularly because it makes me feel like Im going beast mode.
Are you guys still working out? Tell me your routine if you're not doing this one.

 Much Love,
Sara Litardoa.k.a Miz. Giggles

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