Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gonna Start Over as Soon as...

Hello everyone! So I haven't been doing any workouts for almost 2 weeks maybe? I know I'm freaking out. But remember in my last post I said I was getting better? Well, I haven't yet... If I move to fast I feel like my head and chest is going to explode. I'm takin' it easy. I have been doing breathing exercises to, of many wonderful things, too boost my Immunity. 
Here's a neat video!
I also been taking Oil of Oregeno and Breath Essential Oils.
Check out my Nana's blog on All Things Essential. 

As soon as I feel I am able to finally get back on track I am going to start over the challenge. I think I'll start at day 9 with 100 squats and 60 crunches. I think I'll add on some planking too, cause oh boy do I need that too. 

 Much Love,
Sara Litardo
a.k.a Miz. Giggles

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