Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Feel Good Blogging Challenge:Day 1- Who am I?

Hello again! I am back. I know right? Way too freakin' long if you ask me.
 Well, let me tell you what I am doing at this moment. Dun Dun Dunnn. 
I have joined a 7 Day Blogging Challenge and this is day 1. 
We are going to start off with a little Q&A. 

First let me say, yes , I still am doing my workouts I just created a chart for myself. 
I'm feeling a lot better than I was last week. Thank goodness.
If you want to see my workout chart, comment below and I'll put it in its own post.

With that being said, enjoy this video!


Much Love,
Sara Litardo

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Facebook: /SaraLynnLitardo
Twitter: Sara12492 


  1. YOU are Way too Funny!! Welcome to the Challenge!!

  2. What a way to start the challenge, Sara! You have such positive energy! Keep the videos coming!!