Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Feel Good Blogging Challenge: Day 2- My Passion?

Do I Have a Passion?

So, after sitting here having a conversation with my mom, I've come up with a conclusion. I don't know what I am passionate about... I know right,,. like wtf. Who isn't passionate about something? I mean, there are things I wish to be more passionate about. Such as my photography. I have a awesome camera waiting to be taken out into the world, just no charger, and no funds at the moment to get a new charger. Sucks right? But who am I to complain. I do wish to explore the world in all its wonders and travel coast to coast. Surely I will with my family one day. When I think of passion I think of things I want to accomplish in. Maybe that could be a bit of a problem of mine, I look forward to the future too much, maybe I forget the little things I'm passionate about now.
But in this moment I will say I am happy. Maybe as I'm writing this blog I'll discover all sorts of things I'm passionate about, and just simply didn't know it.

I'm Good At...
Seeing the greatness in people. I love seeing people succeed in what ever goal they had. It's something that make's me thrive a little bit each day to do better.

Trust Me I Didn't Forget...
About being a mom. That right there is the bomb. I have unconditional love for my baby girl and to be able to watch her grow into this crazy toddler is amazing. I'm definitely passionate about doing all that I can to make her life all sorts of fun.
Actually, being a mom to Stella is probably where all my passion stores. I want to do better for myself for the good of Stella. I want her to see me as someone who goes after their dreams and someone who doesn't give up.

In The Mean Time...
I guess you can say I'm still figuring things out. I honestly have no idea what else to say lol.

Hope you guys liked today's blog. I will one day be able to describe my passion to you. It's funny I don't think I've been directly asked this question before so I've never really thought out and answer.

Much Love,
Sara Litardo
aka Miz.Giggles

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If you kept reading then woot. I already published and read the post. I didn't want to delete it because it say's something. I guess overall I've lost my passion for certain things. I know right... why I gotta be such a dang bummer when everyone is creating such beautiful inspiring post! Like I've said my overall passion is my little one but I've lost touch I guess. I want you to look at this Art magazine I was featured in and read my part of the article. That right there is something I am super happy about. Things like art is where my heart sets. Esp. photography and such.

Magazine Here! Pages 202-213

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  1. Awesome Post +Sara! this Happens A LOT to moms with young Children. Dont Beat yourself Up Just Go with the Flow!!