Thursday, September 18, 2014

30 Day Squat/Crunches Challenge: Update!


Me oh My. I am gonna give you an update of the past week I believe. After my day 6 I took a few day's break from the squats and crunches and only did some yoga, because I wasn't feeling well at all. Then I got back and finished off day 7. 8, and just finished day 9 right now. Day 8 was a rest day of the squats and crunches so I kept it that way and only did yoga. Now feeling much better tis back to kicking some ass. Still feeling a little eh but just enough energy to get beastly.

So today's workout was
100 Squats
60 crunches
13 Min. Yoga

Much Love,
Sara Litardo
a.k.a Miz. Giggles

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Facebook: /SaraLynnLitardo
Twitter: Sara12492