Saturday, August 9, 2014

31 Day Squat Challenge: Day 6- Feelin' Good

Day 6: August 8th, 2014

Workouts: 10 min. Walk
                 10 min. Lower Abs
                 60 Squats

The rest day was amazing! Now back to work. My body felt good doing today's workout and I didn't feel much of a struggle until the last 5 squats haha. Tomorrow is going to be another story though, I got 90 squats to do dun dun dunn. So that shall be lots of fun. Other than my workouts I cleaned the house a bit and made my Vlog for my YouTube Channel
I really don't have much to talk about, but might as well ask you guys to do me a favor! I will be doing another Q&A on my YouTube Channel and would love for my fellow readers to send my some questions! I'm gonn have the theme be What do you wanna know about me? Comment below or go to any of my other sites to ask me questions. 
Also, if you are doing this challenge with me, tell me, how do you feel! Do you feel more energetic, like I? Give me all the juices I vant to knoow! 

Much Love,
Sara Litardo
aka Miz.Giggles

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  1. what do you do for your lower abs Sara? keep going and you will reach your goals