Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's Summer! Oh, Hawaii?

Yes Florida, we'll skip right over spring over to summer. I don't mind you know why?
I am making it a priority to get outside whether I'll be right out in my front or back yard or I'm getting my happy ass to a park. Once a week I am going to make it to the beach.
You wouldn't believe it, we are so close yet really far away.
Until we get a car it'll be a little pain but well worth it.

Other than that, the other day whilst looking at Waldorf Schools for other locations, mom brought up Hawaii. Now, I know all it's beauty and glory and just breath takingness,
I never not once thought of living there. Vacationing? Hell yes! Living? Eh, nope.
Not only did I let expense cloud my judgment I let location get in my way. If you don't know me, I am, how do you say... not so fond of any natural disaster what-so-ever.
 And active volcano's? F*** that. On an island middle of the ocean, tsunami magnet? No thank you. But why? Why let that get in the way of my life? Ever since mom brought up Hawaii, I've been seeing it everywhere! I have a e-mail subscription with the Travel Channel, and you know what's the first thing I see this morning? WIN A 100,000 DOLLAR WORTH TRIP TO HAWAII. I got all excited and entered that shit. Yesterday we received our Coastal Living magazine, BAM Hawaii all up in it. My Facebook and Instagram news feed? Hawaii. Who knows, you might see me on the beach in Maui.

The point is, don't stop yourself, let it happen, Once we let it go, that doubt, it kinda just all falls in to place, Sometimes the signs that are in our face are the ones we ignore. What ever you want is on it's way to you, but you have to see the opportunities that pop up and work at it.

I hope you enjoyed the very randomness of rambles!
 Leave a comment below on your thoughts!

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  1. OoOo Hawaii Has Waldorf Schools!! And It Fits all Of my desires... Id Follow you Indeed!

  2. Hawaii is awesome. I vacationed there 10 years ago! When you do go make sure u take a helicopter tour of the island and do the Dole pineapple tour :)

  3. [ Laughs ] It is nice to see that you have nice plans for your summer and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

  4. I've mentioned Hawaii to my fiancé as somewhere I wouldn't mind living! Also because it's directly in between Australia (where we are now and he is from) and Canada where I'm from hehe.
    Let me know how it is when you go! Dying to go there!!

    1. That would be awesome! I definitely will!

  5. I always like Hawaii,but never go there