Friday, March 13, 2015

Waldorf Education for Stella

On Thursday morning Arsenio, Stella and I went to visit the Suncoast Waldorf School. I have to say... I am in LOVE! This is exactly what I want for Stella's education. 
When we first walked up to the school my heart dropped in AWE. They play ground was a grove of Live Oaks. They had ropes swings from trees and the leaves were flowing down so magickally on the ground. We walked up to the lady who was giving us a tour, and she could tell by the look on my face that this was it! The first class we walked into was a Kindergarten class. Stella was just mesmerized by the children sitting at the table getting ready for snack time singing along with their teacher. She just stood there examining them. She definitely wanted to join them.
After we left that room the tour guide told us their routine for full and half days. It's spectacular. 
All they do is play, imagine, and work their little brains fill up with creativity and imagination.
As we walked down the hall way they were colored so beautifully. Kids art everywhere! What I also love, not one plastic toy in sight. The toys are ALL made with wood and they create their own dolls. They are taught to take care of the wood with bees wax. 
"In these environments, imagination and creativity flourish with children participating in meaningful tasks that develop coordination and cooperative social skills, while unfolding creative and imaginative capacities that build a strong foundation for later academics." -Suncoast Waldorf: Early Childhood  
 Early Childhood and Kindergarten Class
 We moved on to see the first grade classroom and they were having their playtime. Stella saw one of the girls playing with a horse. The little girl let her play with it and Stella gave it right back when we were done. I mean how cute is that! As we moved on all the little ones loved seeing Stella! We moved onto the outside to see where they play. For full day students, they play outside three times a day, and for half day students I believe they go outside twice. They even eat outside when the weather is right. They also have a beautiful garden and edibles growing everywhere. They have a rabbit they take out for a walk to eat the weeds and fertilize the ground and an awesome compost. 

"The rhythm of the day flows seamlessly from imaginative play, to a seasonal circle time of songs, verses and movement, a time for tidying the room, a shared wholesome snack around a beautifully set table, outdoor play, stories and puppet plays. The children always enjoy an abundance of fresh air and spend a good portion of every day outdoors."-Suncoast Waldorf: Early Childhood
From grades 1-5 they have an artistic, holistic approach to learning. The Curriculum is; Humanities and History, Science, Language arts, Foreign Languages, Geography, Mathematics, Performing Arts and Practical Arts. The best part is they don't have Text Books, the children create their own text book! Walking into the 1-5 classrooms were amazing! They start teaching the kids German and Spanish in 1st grade! I LOVE that! They are also taught the history of all religions. One of the class rooms we walked into we learning about Norse Religion and all the projects they had around with ruins and learning about the gods was just beautiful. 
 I REALLY like That they Use Chalk boards!
 Man I can keep on rambling about how I'm gonna get Stella into this school, and just everything about it just clicked with me. I'm gonna end it with you going over to The Mind Reset Post: Exploring Waldorf Education for Stella. She gets more in depth with information on Waldorf Education. You can also go to the Waldorf Site: Why Waldorf Works to see frequently asked questions filled with informative answers!
I myself advise every parent to consider this dearly for your child's education.

Tell me your thoughts below! 

All photo's credited to Suncoast Waldorf Website

Help us Send Stella to Waldorf!

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  1. Oo This is So Beautiful!! Im Linking it Back Mt my post yesterday too!!

  2. [ Smiles ] The Waldorf educational system appears to be a balanced one.

  3. I read about the Waldorf school on Tara's blog too. It honestly sounds so amazing! I'd move somewhere in the future where there is a Waldorf school just so my future kids can go to it! Passing it along to my mom as well, she's a teacher and has had many frustrations with the public school system curriculum and methods of teaching!

    1. Thank you! I think they even have a few in Australia :) Your mom might just love this!

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  5. I am so in love with this school that I hope my daughter will move there as well, so my grandchildren can attend!! Excellent choice for your beautiful girl.