Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Not You, It's Me. No Really.

This is thrown out a lot in all types of relationships, whether it be with a loved one,
 family member, and even business. As cliche as people may think it sounds...
It's 99.9% true.

You can point the finger around to certain things all you want, but have
 you really pointed the finger at yourself first. Business wise if you have all the
 tools that every one else does and you see your success not move while others are exploding.
 You cannot blame the company. Harsh as it sounds blame yourself.
 It's kinda like what I talked about in my previous post, you have to be committed.
You have to think outside your box. You have to believe in order to achieve.
You can't work the minimum and expect the maximum.
 It just doesn't work like that. We like to over think, a lot. When in actuality, its not that hard... Yup I said it, ITS EASY!
Once you set your mind to something, it shouldn't be a problem.
This is the same with all aspects, business and relationship wise.
He or she just not the right one for you and your vibration, it's not his or her fault, they aren't for you. Simple as that. You have yourself to work on. And you just never know a few years from now you will be a perfect match!

Sit back, relax, breath in, breath out. Take a look at your surroundings and I mean really take a look.
Have you done everything you could possibly do to make your life less stressful.
You have to realize, you cannot keep looking else where for the problems before you really sit with yourself and ask yourself the questions that you need too.

It may get a little out of your zone, or even way out of your zone.
 Just remember why.

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  1. Love your Blog !!~~
    Thank youu !!~~

  2. I agree with this so much! The one thing I get so annoyed by is people who blame everything but themselves. I get that things happen out of our control, but how you handle it can make it a horrible experience that wrecks you, or a lessons learned. With blogging I think this apply's so well. There is so many out there, you can get lost in the shuffle, or your try your best and set a goal. Whatever that goal is and go for it. With everything in life, if you don't try, work, get things done, nothing will happen.

  3. HOLY SHIT Sara! This Post Is So Epic!! Great Advice! Thank you For #KeepinItReal #BossLady