Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You Must Have Commitment!

How many of you start something head on? How many of you start to lose focus, faith, and confidence? I'm WAY guilty of this! We're only human, it happens!
We can get all hyped about something, then end up not pulling through. You know why?
We lost the commitment we made to OURSELVES. You can't just hit a bump in the road and back all the way out. What's the point? That means your going to have to
work harder and harder each time you set yourself up to fail. Even if it ended up not being your
kind of thing, I get that too. But how do we really know it wasn't for us?
Did you put your self all out and really really try?
If so then you may have the upper hand.
There a articles about this for MILES. I've pretty much read all of them listened to everyone.
 They were never wrong, you know who was wrong though, me.
 I swear to goodness gracious I trip myself over the stupidest shit,
then I start to lose my focus, then my faith, and confidence.
But we all know we have to have a why. There is always the WHY and that's really were you have to put your COMMITMENT. My why is my FAMILY.
I want to set up Stella so where she never has to worry about anything financially.
I mean seriously isn't that what we all want for our kids,
to make them not go through the worry of getting your lights and water shut off, and dining on cheese puffs. I could go ON!

 Your going to have to have those four things to be fully on top of it!
Hope this is a good lil' pick me up if you feel like your losing at your own game.

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  1. Agreed Our Why has to be WAY Bigger Than out Fears or Excuses. You Got this! I got this, there simply is No Room For Quitting!

  2. Love that confidence quote. It's so ironic lol and it captures that perfectly! I'm guilty of feeling like this too... which I know is the problem because it's the FEELING that creates the reality. Ahh! Always a process. Thanks for the pick up :)

    1. LOL I was so siked when I found that quote, like yes that's exactly what I'm talking about! Thank you!