Sunday, March 8, 2015

Festive Fun Day

Well hello! Yesterday Stella, my mom and I went to the Montessori's Spring Fling festival. 
Oh boy was it an adventure, a little bit of a stressful adventure. 
Stella was just not use to having all that fun at one time I guess and she got tired fast so she got grumpy fast. I kinda expected a little fuss but not that much lol. 
Overall she had a damn blast! One thing for sure that she did not, whatsoever, want to get her face painted lol.
Montessori Spring Fling at The World Of Knowledge  A Montessori School
Right off the bat we got a tour of the school. The people were super nice, the classes were awesome and their garden was mazinggg.
 It's nicely snugged on a road to in this little town, love that. I'm definitely going to have to come back during school hours to get a feel of classes in progress. 
This school is staying on my mind for sure.

Mom did a pretty great blog about it too and she tells you about what Montessori is and shares her thoughts HERE. 

Besides that, Stella ran a muck, bounced in the bouncy house, 
flew off slides, literally, and met lots of sweet kids! 
After we were pooped out we scooted our way across the street to the bank, which they too were having a fun day. 

Stella relaxed and did a lot of dancing and hoola hooping with Mima. The bank had one of those money machines when you go in a box and money flies all around you, 
Stella went in and thought it was the most amazing thing! 
Sadly I didn't capture it on video. 

It was a great day no matter how grumpy she got.
 Mom and I even got  a little sunburn lol. 
As soon as we got home Stella and I were finished and took a nap.

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