Monday, March 9, 2015

Live Oaks and Adventure

I'm definitely not complaining about the weather anymore.
 Now if you live in Florida, you know what I'm talking about.
Yesterday was another beautiful day. First thing I thought to myself,
 no matter how tired I was from Saturday , we had to get out of the house again. 
I'm glad we did. All of us gathered up and got ready, then off we went. We walked about a mile to the closest open field, which is just behind our local library. 
It was an amazing sight indeed. Ginormous Live Oak tree's, 
as old as can be, with Spanish moss taboot! Twas breathtaking. 
If you were there you definitely got a feel of how old the place was.

Stella had a shit ton of fun. We collected things from around us; leaves, sticks, pine cones, etc.
 And today Stella and I created arts and crafts with the things we grabbed.
 There were also two kids there practicing their jumping parkour skills. 
Oh my god Stella thought that was such neatness, she cheered them on every time they landed. 
Was way too cute. As soon as they left she ran over to where they were
 jumping off of to "practice" her jumping too. She couldn't believe it when she was jumping off too! Crazy chrillrens.
her cheering them on.

Where they were jumping.

Gettin good and messy!


After running about and taking photo's we started to head on home. 
We stopped by a relatively new produce store and checked it out. 
It's very cute and well put together. The walk back wasn't too bad,
 it was a bit hot but the breeze felt so nice. 
We also took the longer way home to avoid a pesky hill, well worth it lol. 
Stella also passed out about halfway home. I'd say we all had a good day.

I hope ya'll enjoying my post about my little family outings.
What do you do when you have the urge to go out 'n about?
Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Love These Pics!! Awesome Art work Lill Stella Did!!

  2. I don't live in Florida but I do live in Australia.. so I understand good weather :) Read about this on Tara's blog.. so glad that you two can spend the day playing with your daughter! Stella did great with her arts and crafts!

    1. Thank you. She had a ton of fun with that :)

  3. Beautiful photos! My favorite is the with stella having fun painting with her face full of paints! So cute!!! 👍
    Cheers - Georgina Oh

  4. Looks like an amazing and beautiful place. Stella is adorable!! =)

  5. Walking among the mighty Oaks is always an incredible experience and Stella is just too cute!