Friday, March 6, 2015

Future Adventures: Top 3

I've made the appointment for the Waldorf school. 
I cannot wait to see it! 

Rather me talk about Stella and school, I wanna talk about you dream vacations.
Where do you wanna go? Who do you wanna meet? Do you wanna visit places with lots of history, or something else?

For me, I wanna travel the whole world each and every bit of it.
I really wanna visit places with a lot of history behind it. 
Of course I also wanna relax on every beach I could possibly imagine, 
but for now I'm gonna share with you my Top 3 Historical places to visit.

Of Course! Ever since I was an itty bitty I've always wanted to go here. 
Get the full experience of seeing Ancient Egypt. 
I'll be the typical tourist, visiting local shops, seeing the pyramids, staring down the sphinx, all the possibilities. All the photography! lol. I mean look at this picture ain't it beautiful!
click picture for resource.
I mean for goodness sake the have a freakin' Museum Island. I LOVE museums. 
And it's Germany! 
This place is riddled in all sorts of history that I would have to stay for some time just to get to many destinations, and the oh Castles I could visit! Oh Sweet beauty.
Click picture for resource.
I mean seriously its Rome. all sorts of shenanigans happened here and still happening. The Vatican is some serious beauty. Everything about Rome would be an adventure. 
Of course I could and would go through out all of Italy but than this list would be much bigger than 3 places ha-ha.

Of course I'll visit all the museums I can.
What do you think of my choices? Where are your top 3 places you would visit?
Tell me all about it in the comments below! 
I know I could keep on going with this list but it would never stop. 
Maybe in future post I'll make another one on different adventures.

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  1. Love your choices Sara! Mine would be the same, except for myself I would switch Germany to Greece. =)

    1. Thanks! How funny I was trying to decide between Germany and Greece for this post.

    2. LOL you just need to do all 4 then! ;)

  2. Nice choices you got here, been to Rome and Germany already. I wanna go to Egypt to see the pyramid. :) Oh Georgina

  3. My Top Three Places To Visit are #Italy #Peru #Thialand :)

  4. great post sara! My top three are Japan, Thailand, and Australia.

    1. Thanks!! Oooo snap I totally forgot about Japan! I'm to much of a sissy to visit Australia lmao