Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Water Water Water... And More

Holy wow lots of trips to the bathroom! 

First, after this morning's walk I said to my self, "self let's weigh yourself today."
Happily jumping on the scale thinking I haven't moved a bit or at least lost a pound. Nope, neither one. In the past month I have gained a whole 10lbs...
Ohhh, nooo.
I wasn't mad of course, just a tad bit disappointed. Then hence all the realization, I did just quit smoking over a month ago. Also, glimpsed at this video from Blogilates called 3 Unusual Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight.

 Bam, I already knew these things, I just had to be reminded. 

Woot, totally got that down! Been going to bed early and waking up early. I keep getting called an ol' lady in the house. Eh, what ever at least I'm not sleeping too much or not too little.

Water Consumption
Ooops. Well I'm not so good at that. I drink 16 fl oz in the morning, but that's it. After doing a little Google searching I found out that with my weight I need to be drinking A LOT. After today being day one with drinking water, it's really not that bad.  I mean I am peeing like a race horse every 20 mins. That will slow down fast. lol
Good Ol' Stress
Ugh, stress, the creator of all evil from weight gain to many diseases. I haven't been quite on the zen side lately. I have to work on this a lot too. I have to make at least 30 mins a day to myself meditating or even add another walk at the end of the day. 

Did you watch the video? She's pretty awesome check her out!

Tell me your thoughts! What do you do for sleep? Do you drink enough water? Way's to relieve Stress? 

Thanks for comin on by!

aka Miz.Giggles
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  1. Love This Post! Whats a Great way to relieve stress... Hmmm , Nature, Get in the Nature Man Oh Yeah, Get #Groovy

  2. Great post...water has always been my favorite drink of choice.
    Thank you for sharing.