Friday, August 15, 2014

31 Day Squat Challenge: Day 9- Ooh Me

Day 9: August 14th, 2014

Workout: 15 min. Lower Back Yoga
               45 Squats

Today was quite an easy day! The lower back workout felt great. Everything went smoothly.
There was something I wanted to tell you guys, I'm going to start training for the Freedom Run to fight against Human Trafficking. The distance includes a 1 mile walk, 5K walk, 5K run, and 10K run. If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, this will be set place in Clearwater. You can click the link to find out more if your interested. 
Any who, I have a sheet for 7 weeks of training. I tell ya what, this is mighty intimidating to me. I mean, I know I can either just walk/run for 1 mile or more. But I honestly have never done anything like this before. At the same time, the experience is going to be amazing. The cause is just incredible, and a bunch of great people to meet. Now thank goodness I'll be there with someone I know. We will be training together Via YouTube. I believe we are going to make each other videos to keep that motivation up and see our progress. Ah!
If you want to join my friend and I on this awesome sauce adventure, contact me in the information below or comment on this post. I believe if you get 2 people total to 100 in a group you get 5 dollars off your registration fee.
So, I guess I gotta get started very soon. 

Much Love, 
Sara Litardo

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