Saturday, July 28, 2012

ChipIn for Stella!

The time is coming! Stella will be here very shortly. I am still missing a few things to get more prepared for Stella's arrival. 
Here is an example of some of the things I would be getting from the donations.

  • The deposit for the tub. (water birth)
  • Final touches on Stella's Nursery.
  • Rent a truck to get furniture from grandpa's. 
  • Starter pack with gDiapers.
  • To help me clean out the back yard so Stella could have a place to play. 
  • Various other expenses. 
In advance I thank you all for your generous participation. If you are unable to donate please share.
To donate go to Payoneer The load email is


  1. I am Runnin as hard as possible!! I am so proud of you and so proud that you ae not afraid to ask for help!