Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I am an Entrepreneur.

I'm going to tell you a brief bit of my history and why I am an entrepreneur. I grew up watching both my mother and father stuggling with their jobs. Watching them 'just get by' on paying the bills. Watching my mom come home crying because of the pain she was going through physically and mentally. Going to amscot to 'help us' get that bill paid. They were very tough times. As I was worked in the job field for only so long of my life, I realized this just isn't for me, this is not what I want to become by trading my time for money that wasn't even enough to help. Not  even able to enjoy the money I earned and I was working for someone elses dream, not mine. I appreciate everything my mom has done but I did not want to end up in my parents position. Why work so hard for someone else when you can work as hard for your own dream. Im proud to say my mom took a stand and fired her boss in febuary of 2011! It was a tough decision but she did it and became independent and started working on herself. Watching her do this just gave me more motivation to follow my dreams. She showed me that it is never to late to start over.

As an entrepreneur there are obstacles and many times where you gotta step outta your comfort zone to succeed to that next step. Personally for me I had a procrastination problem. I would want to do something and just be to scared too, my old shyness would get in my way. I couldn't even talk to family about what I have been up to as an entrepreneur. I was TERRIFIED of rejection and people not taking me seriously. I had to stop holding myself back from the success that was ahead of me. I am a recovering procrastinator. I do not take any (excuse my language) bull shit from myself anymore, I do not hear excuses anymore. I also don't listen to anyone else excuses. I have learned that excuses are "well thought out lies". Tis' the hard truth.

So with all that being said, this is that path I create. I takes courage and lots of faith. I have that courage and faith, I have many supporters around me who believe in me and my dreams and don't judge me. Those are the people I surround myself with. You must only surround yourself with positive people.

So what I would like to encourage you to do is ask yourself a few simple questions.
" Do you trade your time for money,do you leverage your time for money?"
" do you hesitate when you want to do something, or do you act on it?"
" Do you project your old pain into your present day, or do you turn your lessons into gold?"
"Do you believe that you deserve to give more?"
"How do you feel when you see someone you perceive as successful?"
"Are you ready to take action now to improve your life?"

Much love,
 Sara Litardo


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  1. Absolutely Beautiful! You are such a thoughtful and articulate young woman and have much success!