Friday, May 25, 2012

A water birth :)

So, as most of you know I am choosing to do a natural water birth. Reason being I want my baby to come into a less stressful environment. I have done much research on water births and how they can be good for me and my baby. I didn't like the idea of being in a hospital room that are surrounded by people who really don't have a connection with you as much as a midwife would. I also wanted to have a drug free birth. As awesome as an epidural has helped many, I'm not smashing an epidural, I just think it would be best for me to have the full experience. Haha plus I have faith in that I will have a easy going birth :) 
So , I am going to a birthing center in Dunedin. They are wonderful people! My midwife Cheryl is great! The environment is very calming and the birthing rooms are like a bed and breakfast! They provide eveything that I've been looking for.

Here are photos of my birthing room! Its so calming and relaxing. There is also a path that leads right to water so I could walk around. And a beautiful house that's for sale there ;).

Way out to the birth walk (family room)

The Bed :)

The tub for having the baby.

On the walk, this is the house for sale.

The view :)

walking up to the water :)

Much love,
 Sara Litardo

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