Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Accepting" That Your Overweight.

I had a conversation once with someone while we were doing clothes shopping. We talked about how its nice to be able to go to a store and have the comfort of fitting in these clothes. We were in the Plus size clothing store. The woman I was talking to was telling me how she has been overweight all her life and accepted this at the age of 13, she is now almost 32 or so (still overweight). I was around 15 or 16 when I had this conversation. I thought in my head at the time, well maybe I should just accept the fact that I'm overweight and I'm never going to move from this situation. Also, at the time I didn't know "accepting" was sweet for "giving up". So, I "accepted" the fact that I was overweight.
 During this acceptance I did learn something. That being big is beautiful in its own way. I actually started seeing myself a differently. Stepped up my confidence a bit too. Now I did know that being this overweight wasn't healthy, at all. I had the weight in my stomach too, which is the worst place to have it. It's like the place where all sorts of shit can go wrong. So, during this I did learn to also watch what I eat. Like had way less fast foods, more home cooked meals, less soda, more water. I even jogged around the bayou almost every night. Then we moved to a different town. I started doing yoga everyday. Now I wasn't really doing this at the time to lose all my weight but just to be more healthy within my body. That went on and off for maybe a year.

 Mom and I started becoming more greenie. We joined horticulture classes at Pay It Forward Farm in Spring Hill, Florida. During the class we said eh, we want to make and edible garden business and so we started with our own yard first. We did a whole transformation of the front yard into vegetables and flowers to attract butterflies, bees, etc. Then we said AH! There is so much more life why give up on our weight and stop ourselves from doing things we really want to do in life: like surfing and free running. We took a ginormous step and said F-this lets do a 30 day raw food juice fast. HOLY MOLY! This was so hard, I never realized how much I loved cooked vegetables. We did it! For that thirty days that's all we had. I lost 23 lbs! I started at 227 and ended 204! Now this was a booster for me. I was proud of myself for accomplishing this goal and that it wasn't an easy one. We continued enjoy the raw veggies with foods we created during our fast. I was defiantly enjoying food flavors more too.  
I was able to maintain a my weight at 210 -213. Now I wasn't disappointed that I gained some weight back. Of course I was going too! I wasn't going to stay raw forever haha. Then about, I don't know, some months later I was back to 220. Again I wasn't mad, I could of prevented me gaining most of the weight back by keeping up more exercise etc. I am still very proud of myself for not gaining it ALL back. No matter how close I was to the original weight I wasn't there and I was happy. Then my mom and I started taking Body by Vi: 90 Day Health Challenge. She started her challenge in November of 2011 on a Shape Kit. Which is replacing two meals a day with a ViSalus shake. Now I was taking her shakes on her 90 day challenge. I lost a total of 22lbs! I broke the 200 mark. This was easy! Our whole family actually lost weight on her 90 day challenge. My mom lost 13, my boyfriend lost 30, and my nana lost 45. A total of 110 lbs in our family on only ONE kit! Mom put her foot down and said OK ya'll need your own kit and that she wanted to see more of her results. So I am now on a Shape kit so is Nana and my boyfriend is working one his.
Now that I found out I am pregnant in January I have been having the shakes not as meal replacements but as a add on. I have been gaining weight at a proper weight which is 3-4 lbs a month. I started at 195 and I am now 212. This is great! I am getting all the nutrition I need for me and my baby. I have no signs of gestational diabetes and I get my kit for free. Now this is huge! I am saving money while getting all the nutrition I need. I have the "body" of  a healthy person. I do yoga and walk every morning. I haven't stopped. After I have my baby My weight will just fall off of me and I will be where I want to be in no time. (120lbs) Once Stella is out I will also be adding on new exercise routines like start jogging, intense crossfit, more yoga, roller skating and so much more! By this time I will upgrade to the Fit kit to gain lean muscle mass lose my weight and be the sexy fit girl I've always dreamed at the age of 20. 
I am not giving up, I will not be in my thirty's and be the heaviest I've ever been. I will be the most fit person I've always saw myself as. So no matter how old you are don't give up! You know you want to be healthy! You want to live a longer life for yourself and for your loved ones. Now is the time to act. Stop holding yourself back from an amazing opportunity of a lifetime. To find out how I am changing my life and how I am helping others achieve their goals. GET IN TOUCH WITH ME! This is my story to my weight loss. By the way, this isn't all about weight loss, its only where I had to begin like many people do. I can help you gain that lean muscle or if your already at the weight you want to be but just want to add more nutrition to your diet I can Help. Don't be scared to get in touch with me. Seriously, what do you got to lose?
My results on the 30 day Juice fast.
My results on the body by vi 90 day challenge. I know it says 79 days lol.

Before the yard transformation.


Much Love, 
 Sara Litardo

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  1. WOW!! Sara, You never cease to amazes me!! Beautifully written. I love the rawness of it!