Sunday, July 24, 2011

For beginners: How to utilize Social Networks

I was thinking of ways to get my work out there in the world and I wanted to share with you what I have put together! This could help you too!. The biggest thing I decided to do is be OPEN, we have to be open to our talents and resources in order for us to create meaningful ways to share.
One of the ways to do this is join everything in your category; websites, blogs, groups local communities. Get involved with your craft and those associated with it!I thought of contacting some places such as certain photo contest or even cons! Get a panel (or a both) at events in your area and sell your work. If your a big fan of National Geographic like I am send photos to their website or to their magazines and get your work shown!

My mom knows how to network market (That's why they call her Coach!)  so I have someone that can show me the way. That's what I want to do for you. Here's a push to pursue your dreams.

If you don't have facebook yet... get one. Facebook is an excellent platform to share your work. Create a 'Like' page share it to you friends and family and they will share it and more people will see and do the same! There is an add-on for facebook called networkblogs. That goes on to our next thing, create your own blog. Show your creative side, and I suggest you put some affiliates on it. Make sure you have affiliates that match with your interests, better yet, keep them in sync with your Blog content. Keep it simple and and artful, people don't want to feel like affiliates are all your blog is about. Affiliates are there to help you fund your dreams, not distract people from them.
TWITTER: create your twitter page and add your blog syndication from Network Blogs there too.
GOOGLE+: the next big thing! Every time you click the G+ button on any link, it shows up on your profile, and also increases your standings on a Google search! Very Awesome!
And don't sleep on LinkedIn.
I also advise that you stumble your interests on StumbleUpon ( unabashedly promote yourself!), and Ping-O-Matic.
Follow other blogs, we have much to learn from one another. Comment click the G+ button, share on your Facebook.

Last but not least: NO SPAM! Do not spam others walls or their blogs. There is a time and a place for self promotion. You would not like it done to you. Have netiquette!  ( )
Here are my Social Network Links :)
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I look forward to seeing you there!
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  1. I look forward to your Insight :)

  2. Excellent advice! We are in the age of making dreams come true and the Internet is helping millions of people manifest their desires! Keep Up the good work! I am glad to see I have been setting a good example!