Friday, November 12, 2010

Something Exciting.

OK, so today I am in a really great mood. I wanna talk about something great! I just can't think of where to start and how to start it. Well, how bout this I'll start by saying this 21 day fast of not complaining isn't too bad. This is my 5th day of the challenge. I have done great so far and I'm excited about the ending results lol. I believe everyone should try it! It will help you not worry about the things that don't matter. It'll help you look at more of the positive side of you. It is a challenge no doubt because we all have something to complain about . For instance, "My job sucks and I hate working there." or "Why can't this be the way I want it." Things like that. Complaining wont get you anywhere! Push all that nonsense aside and Live Life. If you have things that make you angry and complain get rid of it! It can't be that important to keep something in your life that always puts you down or keeps you in one place, when you can get free from that. Its your decision and you know right from wrong. So you can do this challenge when ever you feel is right! My mom has a step by step way of doing this. Her blog is You can watch her video's!

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