Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Let me tell you i am siked about going to college! I start at Rasmussen College in January of 2011. To get down my basics of what I'm going to school for, then by next January of 2012 I am going to Full Sail University! No doubt about it I love that school. Its just freakin amazing. I love that I get to go to Rasmussen too 'cause I have always liked that school a lot so i get to go to two of the best college's for me.
I believe Full Sail has a lot of potential. Its just the right school for me. I will be going for a Bachelors in Digital Arts and Design. Whats also really amazing about this is that Arsenio will be going with me to Ras and Full Sail! He's about as siked as I am. Arsenio will be going to Full Sail for Game design and he just cant wait to learn something that he is interested in. Arsenio said as we left Rasmussen, " I have always wanted to go to college, I just never 'saw' myself going. Now I am seeing myself in college. I am going to college!'' <3 My mom is also going to go to Full Sail Online for her masters!
What i also found pretty cool is someone I went to elementry school with in Maine is going to Full sail too. i mean we really never talked I was the shy one in those days lol. But it so interesting how we will be going to the same school.
Ah just lots of wonderful things are going on in this household. Just remember follow your dreams, not your moms, your dads or what other people want you to do, your dreams. It can happen and it will be done.

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  1. You are going to be a Huge success at both schools! I am so blessed to be part of this!