Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shadocon 2010.

Hello everyone! I haven't posted a blog in a couple days, maybe a week lol. But I'm here to tell you about this fun experience I had at an Anime Convention called Shadocon! I have always been interested in anime more old school though like Ronin Warriors, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Gundam Wing. But I have recently been getting into more new anime. My show now is Bleach. Its just amazing lol. I have a friend who has always like this and went to her first convention in July. She loved it and invited me to the Shadocon. I said sure why not i think it'll be alot of fun. So we got together and booked for the weekend in Tampa. WE started on our costumes and I ended up dressing up as Pikachu(Pokemon), Nel(Bleach), and Samara(the Ring). I had alot of fun putting these together! My friend went as Halibel(Bleach), The Grudge, and Rapidash(Pokemon). We looked great! The first day was alot of fun! I got to meet my favorite voice actor Vic Mignogna who plays Edward from Full Metal Alchemist and many more. He was awesome to meet and I got a big hug from him! We also met Kyle Hebert who plays Aizen from Bleach. So many people did great cosplays! It was a fun experience and I will definitely do it again. Danielle and I are already planning for our next convention called Metrocon. I'm uberly excited! I'll see people I met at Shadocon and meet more! Everyone was just so nice. Here are some pictures ENJOY!
 Me as Nel!
 ME and Vic!!!
 Danielle and I :D
 Halibel and Nel.
 Danielle as the grudge.
 The ring... UGLYYY lol.
Kyle and I!

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  1. Oh, so you and your friend were the adorable Pikachu/Rapidash Duo! I loved your outfits so much! Hope to see you next Shadocon!