Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Big fish in a Big world.

I was watching Big Fish last night. I just love that movie. I could watch it over again and never get sick of it, and i still cry each time lol. But as I was watching it I realized I wanted to be like Edward Bloom. Have the most amazing adventures and go out into this big world. A lot of people don't realize the power they have to accomplish that dream and bring it to reality. I know I will because I have confidence in myself. Be positive. I know it can be hard at times through life but think to yourself every day as often as you can, "In this moment I am happy!" . You could also write down everything you love in life such as; the people you love, activities you enjoy, places you admire, music, etc. Then think about the things you want to do and write those down, kinda like a bucket list. Pursue each and every one of those. Don't let anything get in the way. Bring someone with you on your adventures! Its always more fun when you have someone you enjoy being around. Make a scrap book of what you have done. So you can always look back at that moment and re enjoy it :). As you grow older and have kids tell them all the great times you've had, like Edward Bloom. Maybe write a book about your life just for your family to see. If you like share it with the world. Inspire people everyday. Touch as many lives as you can and even help them accomplish their dreams.
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  1. I really Like how you mentioned to "re Enjoy" our good moments! This is vital, especially when things are hard for us. We have to keep creating "GOOD" feelings in order to manifest MORE! Much Love!
    Coach Tara