Monday, October 25, 2010

Passions and Dreams

You can say life is pretty good, actually its amazing. I have my ups and downs but its all worth it in the end. Love is a big part of my life, so is faith. You have to love someone for who they are and have faith in them that they CAN accomplish their dreams and not what others want. So, I am going to talk bout my dreams of what I want to be and do with my life. Well, I'm sure you have seen that I want to become a professional photographer that's just one of many things I want to do.

Hair and Beauty
Most of my life I have always had a passion for dying hair and cutting. The school that I would love to go to for beauty is the Aveda Institute. I could learn about many new things about how to take care of hair and all that mumbo jumbo. Its something I would enjoy doing. It may not be my primary career but in the end of my schooling career I do plan to have a shop and I know I can do that.

Tattoo Artist

Next would of course be my tattooing. I love tattoos! They are just beautiful pieces of art. I have three and I do plan on getting more :). I have always been interested in tattoo and piercings and I wouldn't mind pursuing my passion for this career. It would definitely be a fun thing for me to learn and a plus to add to my Hair Solon shop.


I would love to work for National Geographic as a photojournalist. That involves traveling the world! That is a big dream of mine to is to go around the world and take pictures of amazing people, animals, and what ever comes my way. And tell my story of those pictures to share with EVERYONE.  It would be a great and fun experience.

Game Designer and Creator

I am a bit of a nerd for sure but I sure love video games. I want to learn how to do graphic art and create my own games. I have crazy dreams about crazy things and I would like to share them through video games so you could get a look of what I have seen and have fun at the same time. My favorite game is Resident Evil. I just love anything to do with zombies and other type or horror.

A writer

I have already started on a couple books already. I also write some poetry here and there. I love writing, its a challenge. Its not as easy as I thought it would be but its fun. I like the challenge. My favorite authors are Ellen Hopkins, Stephanie Meyer, and Stephen King. I have almost read all of Ellen's books. I love the way she writes. Its formatting or poetry pretty much and that's what caught my attention most, then you read the books and they are full of information and great. She shows you a different side of life that I have never imagined or experienced. Stephanie is great! She inspired me to start writing, not about vampires, but to write what on my mind or what I have been dreaming about. Her book The Host is my favorite! Stephen King, he is just amazing. I'm actually just starting to read his book Under The Dome. I plan on reading more. He's just brilliant and crazy and thats what I love.

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  1. AWESOME! I love how we all have so many things we want to acomplish! I can't wait until you write your Bucket List , that will make for a great blog entry!