Friday, March 11, 2016

Wonderful Day

Today Stella and I went to to library for story time! Now there is going to be many post about our library adventures because they have so much planned for the spring and summer! 
For today though Stella met many other kids and boy she had fun. She participated in picking out songs, helped others with puzzles and slid down slides into tunnels. 
Today we read about bears so with that the kids did arts and crafts and created their own bears.
 After the fact we all mingled about talked about all the activities that happens through out the town and how many more they plan on having for summer time.
 Nature walks, costume parties and sleep overs. 

When we said our good byes and headed out it started to lightly snow. 
Stella was so cute she was in awe of the flurries going, "Oooo it's snowing, Christmas is snowing?" Lol. Since it never snows in Florida the only time she would "see" snow was in Christmas movies, hence she thinks it's probably Christmas if it's snowing lol. 
We headed back home to wake up Arsenio.

  He didn't have work today so I really wanted to try out the cute restaurant on main st. 
We were off again into the world. I forgot to take pictures of the food but I enjoyed myself a Vermont Burger made with real maple syrup typed with thin slices of apple on top with swiss cheese, and of course fries on the side.
 Holy moly it was delicious. We stuffed our faces then headed back to get cozy at home.

Even being so far away from my mom, I'm really really happy.
Much love,
Sara Litardo

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