Wednesday, September 10, 2014

30 Day Squat/Crunches Challenge: Day 3, 4- Took a "Rest" Day

Day 3: "Rest Day"
            3? Mile walk

Day 4: September 9th, 2014

Workout: 10 Min. Yoga Abs
                14 Min Yoga
                60 Squats
                30 Crunches

Helloo! Well, on day 3 I had to bring Stella for a check-up, so that is just a workout day within itself. Hence all the traveling/walking too and fro. So after all that I didn't feel like doing ans squats, yoga or crunches. It may not be a long distance but it was boiling hot outside lol. 
Day 4 was almost a only yoga day! I did yoga first thing in the morning, because I am a 2 day's behind so I wanted to catch up. Then around 4:30pm I got super tired and just wanted to lay down, since Stella wouldn't allow such things, I did more Yoga and my Squats and Crunches. I almost didn't do any of them but I'm happy I did. I'm not feeling much of the crunches...Yet... I'm still feelin' the squats, tis' a good feelin' indeed haha.

Here's a Random Picture of my favorite Wild Cat.

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