Thursday, August 21, 2014

31 Day Squat Challenge: Day 13, 14, And 15

Day 13: August 18th, 2014

Workout: Day 13
               10 Mins. Lower abs
               75 Squats

               Day 14
              10 Mins. Lower Abs
              50 Squats

              Day 15
              Rest Day

Weight: 217

Three awesome day's. Sorry about not posting I just honestly forgot and when I remembered I was done with the computer for the day. I've been keeping up! Though I have not lost much weight I am not mad either I'm still excited about the inches lost! Fifteen more day's til this challenge is over. I honestly didn't know I was almost done. Super excited and super happy. Hope ya'll are having a beautiful day, night, afternoon!

Much Love,
Sara Litardo
aka Miz.Giggles

 Instagram: xmzgiggles0827  
 Twitter: Sara12492    
 Facebook: /SaraLynnLitardo

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